Estimate and rates

Estimate and rates of certified translator of English

Please contact me and I shall give you a firm estimate based on the target language (translation from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English), he volume of words, and the characteristics of the document.

I shall apply a minimum rate for very short documents.

The estimate includes sending the document by courier. However, if you prefer not to wait for the courier, you can collect the document in person.

If you would like an estimate and delivery deadline for a translation, please send me by e-mail a scanned copy of the documentation that you want to have translated, and I shall answer you as soon as possible. Please do not forget to indicate any delivery deadline that you may have.

If you just need information, please do not hesitate to call me or to send me a written query. I shall provide you with all the information you need and answer all your queries.

Contact details

Enrique González Sardinero

(+34) 647-911-811

(34) 976-507-949

C/Ansó 2, casa 6
50410 Cuarte de Huerva

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